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Harajuku FashionEdit

Ok, im sure some of your are wondering when I say Harajuku Fashion, What the heck is she talking about or I dont know what that is. Something along those lines. Harajuku Fashion is a style all about expressing through clothing. Some people may think of it as strange or something, but I find it unique and interesting. So take the challenge... do some homework on it online and go out and try harajuku style for yourself. Here are some pictures to get you started.

Roots of Harajuku FashionEdit

Some of you may be wandering where this style originated, so here's a brief explanation.

Harajuku style originated among teens on the streets near Harajuku Station in Shibuya, Japan. Like most street styles, it is hard to put in any certain category because it is constantly changing. People find their own ways to add personal touches to the style and they catch on, that's usually how the style changes. So we couldn't possibly put it into a category because it is so unique.